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Stencils for fabric painting-Tutorial

Hi friends, I am back with a fun project. If your kids love colors then they would really enjoy doing this.

Things required:

OHP sheetOHP markerPunch machinefabric colorsspongeScissors or cutterDress material for printing
Step 1: Draw any simple design in a white paper and trace it in the OHP sheet using OHP marker. I have chosen the traditional mango design. We are going to make holes using punch machine, so mark the points where we have to make holes. The holes must be at even distance, so take care while marking the points. 

Step 2:
Make holes using the punching machine along the points marked. 

 Leave some space around the design and cut it.
Your stencil is now ready for painting...
step 3: Take the required color, load the sponge piece with the color.

Step 4:
Keep the stencil over the cloth, hold it firmly and apply the color slowly over the stencil.

Step 5:
Carefully remove the stencil, you can see the design painted in the cloth.

Tips: Remove starch from the cloth before painting. Try it once o…